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mrmrks Versatile and bold style. First release, yet faithful to their own vision. These guys have the potential to go big. Favorite track: Ink Filled Guns.
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released February 13, 2017

Nikolai Denissoff - Guitar, Violin
Joel Hynninen - Drums
Raul Isaskari - Bass, Programming, Saxophone, Voice
Oskari Jakonen - Piano, Electronics

Written & arranged by Current
Produced by Isaskari / Co-produced by Current
Recorded by VJ Kainulainen at VJK Music & Sound
Mixed by Von Rommen
Mastered by Fanu



all rights reserved


Current Helsinki, Finland

Sinking deep to the ebb of the end of our times

Purge is a record about amicable loss and what follows

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Track Name: Light
Bliss – crying inside of the shower booth
Lose it when past collides
Solitude evolves to a home

And I feel less sane
Take a good care ‘cause you’re full of shame
Meet me halfway and I’m free.. of blame

Read me wrong
Fear, be done
With me and my hell
Bless me
Feel my soul
The world that we cleared
All gone

Keep my lust away
Fucking pride – I blame the pride
Nowhere near a higher ground
Level headed – Still I dread it
Fold my game
Hold it against my name

Saw it off, saw it off
Progress is my name
Happiness is just a bluff
It’s ever the same
My state is what I mourn
Track Name: Ink Filled Guns
Evaluating head deep in sand
Oscillating with glasses at hand
I need to be bold
I’m losing my hold
Press neck deep arch back with deceit
Hatred’s sweat no regret
Hide the unfit
Lies hold right minds’ fight
Track back black flack
Boom boom
Rhythm’s sweet
Fuck discreet
New famed feats bring it close..
Think for show
Ink filled guns
Blood and sweat runs
Drool - Drips
Honey - Fix
Buy dread
Fear sells
Don’t judge
Just drop that cause
Smear it
Track Name: Soy & Honey
Poison to my dreams
Blame me because I feel
Brave new world for fucking trolls

Losing hope
For all I respect
Challenge me
To change my
Love for my enemies, what the shit

Blow it off
Dreams are my
Peace of mind
Nothing fell to place
Half the world blames me for
My heart
Saint but a.. Free fall

Choose to hate your fears
Bring down.. All who feel
You selfish prick
Is there any light in you?
Have faith
We’ll be given a chance

Blow it off
Saying how it is
Evolution is the myth
Fuck renewable energy
Spend our last hour debating on
Peach emoji
I had it but you’ve had it
Running out of good things.. To.. Remember
Track Name: Dark
Your pride is what makes you dangerous
Mainstay blindness building your highness
Who’s there to trust when you can’t even keep track what lies you told yourself and when

Madness is your ideal self
But I’m sorry friend you’re just a-

All these poisoned trails, couldn’t remember you ever failed
“It’s water under the bridge, but let me tell you something..
You know I could tell you something but.."

Madness is your ideal self
But I’m sorry friend you’re just a
Foolproof tosser
Wrecking fuck-up
Punch back and recommend a suicide
Your own words creep up and betray the mirror – Taint – Flee – Shame